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Erotic Photography by Patti Beadles

I am an erotic photographer specializing in bondage and SM-themed images. For the past couple of years I have been working closely with noted bondage artist Mike West to document his Rope:Burn erotic cabaret shows. The images that you see on this page have all been captured at Mike's excellent performances. Mike's shows always play to sold-out houses, and for good reason: he combines stunningly beautiful women with skillfully-executed Japanese-style rope bondage, and tops it off with powerful erotic energy.

My goal in shooting these shows has been to capture the beauty and eroticism of his shows, but also the magical energy and connection between Mike and the women. While I can never fully capture the sizzling-hot energy of his live performances, I hope that I have been able to give you a small taste of the magic that he creates.

I have shown my images at the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival, ErosFest NorthWest, and the Rochester Erotic Arts Festival.

You can find several images from this collection in the Rope:Burn category of My Photography Website.