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Contact Patti

You know, I'd love to put a clickable email address here, but I'm not going to. Spammers being what they are, they'd find it, take full advantage of it, and slap me upside the head and neck with enough spam to make me regret ever having touched a computer. I'd put in a contact form, but the same thing would happen.

Sorry, you'll have to work for it just a little bit. You can reach me at this email address:

webcontact at sign pattib dot org

And do me a favor, please? The next time you run into a spammer, beat them about the head and neck with a dead trout. Do it for both of us-- for you having to jump through hoops to send me email, and for me having to write this silly page intead of just putting a mailto link on the left.

Oh, speaking of spammers...

Want to know what companies have leaked their email databases to spammers? Click the link on the left for my rundown.