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Photography by Patti Beadles


I'm a serious amateur photographer with some tendencies toward semi-professional status. I don't specialize in any particular type of photography, though I tend to find a theme and obsess over it for a while before moving onto something else. My past or current obsessions include reflections of motorcycles in the chrome of other motorcycles, large panoramic cityscapes, and macro- and super-macro photography of flowers.

You can visit Patti Beadles Photography for more details.

A large, poorly-organized collection of my photography is available in my Flickr stream.

I've also done a fair bit of erotic photography, which you can find in the menu on the left. However, if you're anywhere near typical you probably went there first, and then popped over here to see what else I've done. Busted!

I also write about photography. My tutorial blog, Stop Shooting Auto! is an excellent way to learn about the basics of exposure, and other technical concepts. I tailor my writing to complete novices, and try to write in a way that is both educational and engaging, and presents technical material with simple examples.

If you're interested in knowing what gear I use, I've provided a list at SSA. If you're feeling a burning need to add something to that collection, my Amazon wish list is at your disposal.

I am occasionally available for freelance gigs. Use the contact link on the left if you'd like to learn more.